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Welcome to my blog! First, a couple of freebies. For Independence Day I redid the cover of Veteran Hearts and added fractals to the beginning of each chapter (yes fractals in a romance!). The new updated version is available exclusively for FREE at All Romance!  Also the first episode of The Beautician and the Billionaire is available for FREE at all vendors including Amazon.

For those of you who read The Beautician and the Billionaire, Shifting Into Love is another serial. It’s shorter. I have it planned at only 3 maybe 4 episodes. I won’t be posting all of every episode on my blog…just about the first third. The first episode is available at All Romance  and Amazon!

For the Fourth of July Shifting Into Love is only $0.50 at All Romance!

In the mean time, I’m giving away three $10 Amazon gift cards!!!

The Rules:

  1. Free entry each day June 28- July 5.
  2. Entry for following my blog either by email or via wordpress.

Official Terms and conditions:

Shifting Into Love Giveaway starts June 28 2016 at 12:00 AM CDT and ends July 5, 2016 at 11:59 PM CDT. The giveaway is open to residents of USA who are 18 years of age and older who enter via the Rafflecopter widget. Winners will be chosen at random on July 6, 2016 through Rafflecopter and notified by email. Winners have 48 hours to reply to winning contact or a new winner will be chosen. The number of eligible entries received determine the odds of winning. Winner is responsible to any and all taxes related to winning the prize.
Three Amazon gift cards valued at $10 each will be provided by Evelyn Aster and sent to the winners by Evelyn Aster via Amazon. Evelyn Aster is not liable for shipping issues or anything further. Evelyn Aster reserves the right to refuse service in special circumstances. Evelyn Aster reserves the right to obtain and publicize the winners’ names and likenesses.
WordPress and other social media sites included have no knowledge or liability of said giveaway.
No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Go to Rafflecopter to enter

That’s all there is to it! Please tell a friend!

And now for the moment I’ve been excited about since The Beautician and the Billionaire ended: The first installment of Shifting Into Love!


1| Fluctuation

The fluctuation from the bar almost passed through Lana’s soul without notice. Distress mixed with hope permeated the couple she served by the window and nearly crowded out Lana’s perception of everything else. But as she pulled the cork out of the bottle of wine, the change seeped into her lungs like the oxygen entering the bottle for the first time in a century.

The anomaly made her glance out the window. A motorcyclist driving through the city traffic caught her attention. His head turned towards the bar, but she couldn’t see his face because of the black visor on his helmet. As she watched him coast by in the dimming light of day, the smooth jazz music playing crescendoed and softened once again—longer than a beat but shorter than a measure.

And then he vanished behind a bus.

She shook her head, realizing she stood with the corkscrew in the air. The motorcyclist had nothing to do with her or the bar. It was a coincidence that he’d driven by at the same time something in the bar changed. She thought a question to Harrigan, the soul of the bar. His normally drowsy state was alert, but he nudged her attention towards the couple. She had a job to do.

She put the corkscrew down and picked up a glass, pouring a sip of the maroon liquid into it as she rationalized the odd moment away. It was easy to imagine unusual movements in the atmosphere. Every person in the room had a story, and Lana sensed the strongest emotions behind them.

The man took the glass from her—a CEO variety with powerful eyes and a tailored suit. He was trying to fix his relationship with the woman across from him. Lana didn’t know what he’d done wrong—she only knew his sincere love mixed with the wine would go far in sewing together the woman’s torn heart.

He sniffed the bouquet and took a sip. When he nodded, Lana filled the woman’s glass and then finished filling the man’s. The couple drank at the same time, and Lana watched the hues of a red aura between them, beginning to mend the break.

The sound of smooth jazz fell away along with the couple, dimmed lights, private booths and floor-to-ceiling wine racks. Finished with the job, her bar was slipping away. The walls and floor shimmered until country music blared out of a jukebox, vinyl booths torn and faded replaced the leather ones, dartboards took over the wine rack area and a pool table with a stained glass light hanging over it took up the center of the room. A few people sat in booths or played darts, but no one noticed her. They never did until she served them.

Lana put her hand on her chest and breathed easier. The fluctuation earlier had just been a warning of the shift to come—a shift that happened all the time like pushing the reboot button on a computer. It had nothing to do with the motorcyclist. Reaching out to Harrigan again, she was gratified when he slipped back to his sleepy state.

She reached her hand back, pulled her long blonde hair out of a tight bun and shook it out as if she could physically rid herself of the memory. She forced her thoughts to the couple she’d been helping, pondering their life after the bar. In her heart she always sensed they had a happily ever after, but maybe it was just a happily for a while. At least she’d never had a repeat customer.


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