Weekend Inspiration

Yay, it’s Saturday! This was a full week. I mentioned on Monday that I had interviewed for a choir director job. This is not me giving up on writing full time; this is me being practical about money realities. I’m happy because I spent the week leading music activities at the church as a volunteer, and I still got Shifting Into Love off to my editor. If I get the job, I’m confident I will still be able to get my writing done.

My word count wasn’t high, but the style is so different from BB and HC stories, I still spent a huge amount of time on it. I’m really excited for you to read it. Though it’s got fantastical elements to it, the core of the story is still relationships like all of my stories. You’ll still have the tension between the characters that you’ve come to expect from me.

I admit though, I’m beat. And I have a yard full of weeds that needs my attention before I get the cover for Shifting Into Love done. I always put writing and covers first, but I’m feeling the glares from my neighbors today…it really is pretty bad đŸ™‚

But I had some inspiration last night I needed to share with you. I made a wine slushy with a drink mix I got from the renaissance fair last week. I think of it as fairy wine:


Have a great weekend!

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