The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 9: Scene 2

Good morning! The sex scene comes fast in this episode, so to speak. I’ll be skipping over it tomorrow, but you can read it here:


Charisse woke to find Conor gone. Glad for a moment to collect her thoughts, she slipped her hand to her belly. To tell or not to tell. He’d be gone to China soon. Though it would be a joyous way to part, she wanted to be able to spend time planning and basking in the happiness together.

But what if she had another miscarriage? Maybe she should wait until he came home and after she’d had an appointment with an OBGYN. There’d be blood tests and the OBGYN’s opinion on whether she could carry full term or not this time. She didn’t want Conor worrying about all that while he needed to concentrate on business.

Yes, waiting would be better. But Conor was going to press. He’d tried to last night by asking for her prescription. He was bound to ask again.

A grin spread across her face. He might want to press the issue of her health, but he was about to leave the country. He’d want to have sex too. She knew she did.

She threw the covers off, jumped out of bed and went to the mahogany drawers where her clothes had been unpacked. In the top drawer she found exactly what she was looking for: a purple lace camisole. She shrugged off her knit pajamas and slipped on the cami, wondering why she didn’t hear any sounds in the kitchen or smell burnt bacon as Conor had promised.

She went to the bathroom, cleaned up and scrunched her curls with her fingers while assessing herself in the mirror. Beneath her eyes was a little dark, but nothing like yesterday. She’d go without make-up except for a little bit of lip gloss for some shine.

Her gaze strayed to her arm with crimson scratches on blue bruises. Maybe she should use makeup to cover it. No. That was her old way of dealing with the abuse. She’d stood up to Josh this time and didn’t want to cover anything up.

But as she left the bathroom, she frowned about her appearance. Something was missing. The necklace! She got it from the nightstand and managed to latch it around her neck. Still there was something else. She glanced down at her azure toenails and realized she needed heels. She recalled the night they’d negotiated the contract how aroused Conor had been when she’d stripped down to nothing but jewelry and heels. She opened the walk-in closet and saw a few pairs of shoes from her room in the mansion. She grabbed a pair of multicolored metallic sandals with two inch heels and put them on. They were the perfect compliment to both her nail color and the violet cami.

Happy with her appearance at last, she crept downstairs, perplexed that she still didn’t hear Conor. The house was cold. She was ready for him to warm her up. When she saw he wasn’t on the couch or in the kitchen, she wondered if he was outside on the phone or talking with Raul. She didn’t think it was necessary to have Raul watching out for her while Conor was gone, but she could tell last night Conor was a lot more worried about Josh showing up again than she was. She had a sense of finality, while Conor seemed more doubtful.

Her heels clicked on the floor as she crossed the kitchen to start the coffee. Maybe she could have breakfast ready for him so he wouldn’t worry so much about her health. At least mornings seemed to be her energetic time. He’d be gone when the fatigue hit.

She opened a cupboard and discovered a bag of designer coffee beans. Perfect. As she set them down, she heard the front door open. Her core tightened and warmed in anticipation of his touch. She heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen, and then they stopped with a hitch of breath.

She froze. With forced nonchalance, she spoke to him without turning around as if she always wore heels and a negligee to breakfast. “I found the coffee. Did you want to get the bacon started?”

She heard him set something on the island and then cross the kitchen to her. His hands came around, raked down her chest and wrapped around her waist. Goosebumps erupted all over her body. She knew if she slipped her finger inside herself that she’d be wet.

With his hard cock against her ass and his lips by her ear he said, “All I want for breakfast is you.”

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