Sneak Peek at Nails for a Billionaire!

I’m more confident that Nails for a Billionaire will be released this month. All of the pictures have been edited and approved. It’s down to the text editing.

It’s not exactly a story. It’s more of a running monologue done by the manicurist at Ma Charisse who’s introduced at the end of Episode 9. But be sure to read it because there’s a fun twist at the end!

Remember how we had ties during the voting for billionaires? When I was putting together the nails for all the categories, I realized it’d be fun to have Vacationing Billionaires. Some of the hot men who tied in their categories were a perfect fit:

And here are a couple of the nail designs that inspired Vacationing Billionaires:

Please look forward to the release of Nails for a Billionaire at the end of May!

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