Out at All Romance!


The Beautician and the Billionaire The Complete Serial

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By: Evelyn Aster | Other books by Evelyn Aster
Published By: Hot Java LLC
ISBN # e000000002787
Word Count: 126000
Heat Index   

Available in: Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub, Adobe Acrobat

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This is the complete romance of Conor and Charisse!

Charisse is still reeling from a miscarriage that tore her relationship apart last year. Her only focus is making her beauty salon a hit in Manhattan.

Conor is still recovering from the death of his wife three years ago. He spends his days orchestrating corporate takeovers.

Charisse and Conor want nothing more than to be left alone.

But when Charisse’s dad loses three of Conor’s ships at sea, negotiations begin that land Charisse under contract to Conor.


An excerpt from the book

He watched her as he slowly slid his tie out from beneath his collar and undid the top buttons of his shirt. To keep herself from undoing the rest, she turned away and pulled out a towel from a shelf behind the sink.

Steady girl. You’re not ready for a relationship, especially with a tycoon like Conor Grishin.

But the words in her mind echoed hollowly throughout her head as she concentrated more on the way his body eased into the chair. Fantastic butt and broad shoulders just as she liked them. She tucked the towel around his collar and pressed on his shoulders to indicate he should lean back. She didn’t speak for fear her voice would shake like her hands.

But he understood and leaned back with his eyes closed. She drew her hands away slowly as he’d done when he touched her arm early. Turning on the water, she sprayed it over her hands until it was hotter than she’d had it get yesterday. She guessed by the way he drank his coffee fast while it was scalding, he wouldn’t want the water lukewarm.

The water cascaded over his head. “Is that too hot?”

“Not at all,” he said. His voice already sounded drowsy. He must not take much down time. She combed her fingers through his hair and raised the bottom of his head up to make sure the back got wet too. When she began massaging the shampoo into his head, she relaxed the muscles in her arms and allowed her connection to him to guide her fingertips.

He exhaled a long breath. His face appeared serene. The Mozart music made her recall her fantasy of walking through the gardens of Versailles. But France was so far away. They should start with dinner. No, he’d just asked her to shampoo his hair, not go on a date.

Her gaze trailed down his chest, broad like his shoulders, over his slim torso and right to a large bulge in his pants.

Her hands froze for just one moment. Then she drew back and turned the water on. So maybe dinner was an option. Or maybe he was hoping to get down and dirty at the sink. She stifled a nervous giggle. He was probably just hoping she hadn’t noticed. But how could she not? He was huge.

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4 thoughts on “Out at All Romance!

  1. I loved the series; couldn’t wait for the next installment and was one of those that bought each part as soon as it was available. I’ve read everything out there by Evelyn Aster and enjoyed each one. But after all the drama and awesome cliff hangers in The Beautician and the Billionaire, I was a little let down by the end; it just didn’t fit the flow of the rest of the book.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for reading all of my stories! I understand what you’re saying about the end. I think the problem for me was ending the story arc with the mom. I probably should’ve done it before ending the drama with Josh. Hopefully I’ll do it better the next time!


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