The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 6: The Banquet

Welcome to Episode 6: The Banquet! There are two steamy sex scenes which will be cut from the blog. If you’d like to read the uncut version, please buy it at Amazon!

Conor and Charisse just sealed the deal and already the new contract isn’t turning out how Charisse imagined at all. Please enjoy!


Charisse was lulled into a sense of safety and contentment as Conor held her after the phone call from Josh. It was like they’d returned to their relationship before she’d walked out of his apartment to go back to work, before she’d agreed to the date with the Captain. But it only lasted a few minutes.

Without warning, he pushed her off his lap onto the couch and stood up. Despite the abruptness, she admired his naked butt as he walked away. He had a slim figure and a tight ass. His arms were his best feature: well defined without being showy, but unfortunately he still had his shirt on. Maybe she liked his arms so much because she always felt safe inside them, even when he was ordering her around. It occurred to her that she’d probably agreed to him owning her for three weeks because he’d been so protective of her during all the trouble with Josh.

She gathered his jacket around her as though he were still holding her. Three weeks at his beck and call wouldn’t be so bad. Especially with the body-weakening sex they had.

He opened a door in the corner of his office and disappeared. By the glimpse she’d gotten, it looked like it was a bathroom. A shower came on. She sat up, hoping he’d be back out to invite her in. After a few minutes passed, she wondered if she should ask to join him, or if she was supposed to stay on the couch. How far was this master/servant thing going to go?

She stood up, dropping the jacket to the couch, and walked back to the bathroom door. After a knock went unanswered, she opened it slightly and asked, “May I join you?”

“You’ll have time for a shower when you get back to the penthouse. Get your shoes on so you’re ready to go when I am.”

Her skin cooled. He made it sound like she was returning to the penthouse alone. “Should I put my dress back on then?”

She heard a shower door open, but the water was still on. She pushed her head around the door and saw a white marble bathroom with gold fixtures. It was as big as the bathroom at her apartment. Conor stared back at her with annoyance in his eyes.

“I thought I made it clear I don’t want people seeing you in that dress.”

“So I’m supposed to wear this shirt?”

“With the jacket. No one needs to be gawking at your breasts that show through the shirt.”

Charisse shot him her best “fuck you” look and started to close the door.

She paused when she heard him say, “For that, you can walk barefoot down to the car. Leave your dress and shoes here. I’ll take care of them.”

She shut the door, careful not to slam it. Something had changed. Wearing his clothes downstairs wasn’t much of a surprise, but the coldness in his voice was. Maybe she’d misheard in the noise of the water.

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