Welcome to 2016 at Romance for Grown-Ass Women!


Happy New Year! I hope you had a great holiday season whatever holidays you celebrated!

I am fresh from the annual meeting with my editor and publicist, and I’m totally pumped about the upcoming year. Billionaires, police men, coffee houses, and of course hot and heavy sex are a few of my favorite things coming up in my stories for you in 2016.

Here’s a rough schedule for you. We’ll see how close I come to keeping it!


On January 12, the Intoxicating and Salacious box sets will be released! Masked Hearts is in Intoxicating along with six other hot and steamy stories! The preorders are going great. Be sure to get your copy!


January through May will be devoted to finishing The Beautician and the Billionaire serial. In fact, tomorrow I will be posting the beginning of Episode 4!


In May, I’m branching out to paranormal romances! I’ll be rereleasing Through the Paintings followed by two more stories in the universe in June and July.

cropped-thankful-heart-for-web.jpgIn September we return to The Holiday Cafe Series for a quick and dirty short story followed by another short story in November and the Christmas Novel in December!

Whoa! That’s a lot of writing. Good thing some of it is done! But better yet, it’s a lot of reading for you! Please follow my blog so you don’t miss all of the releases. And tell a friend about the hot romance at my blog!

Happy New Year!

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