Romance for Grown-Ass Women

I spent last evening with my publicist and the lovely ladies of NAWBO–National Association of Women Business Owners. The keynote speaker was Anne Rhoades. She spoke about Brand You. After listening to her, I think I’ve done a poor job of branding myself. I write about people with everyday jobs and struggles who still find fantastic romantic partners. But I water my descriptions down in the hopes of still catching the attention of readers who love billionaire romance books. This is wrong.

I need to own what I do so people aren’t disappointed reading my stories and expecting something else. More importantly, I need to own what I do so the right readers will find my books.

My new catch phrase: Romance for Grown-Ass Women.

My characters struggle against the world and each other. My heroines are not always happy and my heroes aren’t stalkers. They’re people like you and me, but they always get a happily ever after.

If that’s the kind of story you’re looking for, then please give Corporate Fire a try while it’s on sale for $0.99. I hope you enjoy reading through the highs and lows of Grace and Royce while they find their way to their Happily Ever After.

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