Becoming a Romance Heroine: Nails

In Corporate Fire, Grace is OCD and can’t stand to have even one fingernail with chipped polish:

Grace noticed the chip in the “sassy red” nail polish on her index finger as she removed the bicycle clips from her pants. The compulsion to slam her hand on the elevator’s emergency stop button pulsed all the way to her fist, but she clenched it at her side—the bells would draw too much attention. She’d ride to her floor, wait for the door to open and close and go back down. It’d only take what, another half hour to bike back to her apartment? Then she’d be late.

I’m not at her level of obsession, but I have been enjoying doing my nails in different ways recently. This weekend I had fun with stickers! Nail stickers are an easy way to make your nails pop. I’ve had lots of compliments on them, and I felt extra attractive on my date because of them.


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