Vanilla Contract First Date


Vanilla contracts are definitely worth a try.

We were supposed to have our first date with Lover under contract to me on Saturday, but my schedule changed. I sent him an email telling him it would be Thursday night instead. I told him when I’d show up at his house. I wanted a flower offering and my favorite shooter ready to be lit on fire. I also wanted lit candles and Ella Fitzgerald music playing.

He went above and beyond. He had a stem of flowers for me at the door, but the rest of the bouquet was strewn throughout the house. I didn’t take pictures last night, but here’s the bouquet back together:


My favorite shooter is Hot Apple Pie. It’s one part Bailey’s on the bottom, one part Goldschlager on the top. Light on fire. Sprinkle flames with cinnamon to make it spark. Some recipies call for a strong rum to be splashed on top to help light it, but I’m allergic to rum and the Goldschlager lights on fire just fine.

I love the sparks made by the cinnamon. I’m pretty sure I had too many shots, but it was so worth it.

We danced and he rubbed my shoulders and there I’ll end the narrative.

I wouldn’t want every date to be me telling him what to do, but for a sometimes date it was fantastic. Definitely worth a try.

And now, Big News! I’m revealing the cover to Corporate Fire on Monday! It’s Hot!

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