I’m Back!

It’s been awhile! I’ve tweeted a few times, but romance both written and real life has kept me away from my blog.

So let’s catch you up!

Favorite Date: The Barley Room. My date was so charming, I don’t even remember what drink I ordered that night. I do remember the chips and salsa which were awesome. He’s definitely a repeat…maybe I should give him a name for the blog: Finn.

New Diet: I’m doing the Dash Diet which is a low carb, heart healthy kinda diet. So far so good, but I do miss my cereal.

New place to find me: I’m on Pinterest!!! My publicist Samantha Stockings has done a bang up job getting me started there. Please check it out! https://www.pinterest.com/evelynaster/

New release coming soon: Corporate Fire! It’s scheduled for April 17. I’ll keep you posted about the cover reveal…it’s smoking hot.

That’s it for now. I’ll start posting regularly on Mondays again. I hope to see you here!



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