Release Date Reveal!


Coming to a Kindle near you Saturday October 11! Enjoy a taste:

Sienna drove into the parking spot and stopped just before her tire hit the sidewalk. Her mind was a tornado of parents, students and other teachers vying for her attention at the end of the week. Even the cute pumpkin lights decorating the awning of the Holiday Cafe with their faint glow battling the dusk failed to calm her. She stepped out of her car and closed the door. The blur in her mind finally paused when her gaze fell on a witch and bubbling cauldron drawn on the door with window paints. The caption read, “Taste our Toil and Trouble Latte.” Ahhh. Despite the name, the thought of the latte yanked her out of the school whirlwind and settled her spirit. She’d been waiting all week for this moment.

She opened the door, expecting the aroma of coffee to wrap her in bliss, but instead desire fired through her.

Mark Townsend stood at the counter—the most sought after single dad at the school. When class lists came out at the beginning of the year, the other kindergarten teachers had swarmed her and rattled off his stats as soon as they saw she had his youngest child Tyler: millionaire, architect, thirty-eight, divorced, great butt. She hadn’t thought much of the other teachers’ excitement. Just twenty-eight herself, she’d always dated men much closer to her own age, and never anyone corporate. But when he’d strolled into her classroom the first day of school with his pride in his son and casual confidence, she’d known she was in trouble.

2 thoughts on “Release Date Reveal!

  1. Congrats, Evelyn!!!

    Your blurb sounds very interesting. I can’t wait to read this. I’ll be one of the first to buy if you send me a reminder on the 11th.


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