Please Welcome Dee Tass!




Please welcome Dee Tass to Flutters and Flirtations. She’s an erotic romance writer of female lovers, and part of the Absolute Erotic Blog Hop. Remember, all commenters on the blog this week get entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card and a Starbucks gift Card!

1. Dee, your blog is new! I enjoyed your first Sunday Snog. Can you tell us what plans you have for it?

I’m trying to build an audience for my work, which is all still in progress right now. I also want to make contact with other authors writing F/F.

2. M/M romance has become really popular. Do you think F/F romance is about to hit it big too?

M/M has definitely opened the doors for the other strands of the rainbow, which is a really good thing. Readers are looking for more, so there is a growth in popularity.

3. Do you have a recent release? If not, tell us about your current work in progress.

Not yet. I’m currently working on a Steampunk story about a woman whose come back from the Boar War only to end up caught up in a galactic one. It has steam-powered devices, dirigibles and bug-eyed monsters, and is really fun to write.

4. I see you enjoy writing in a science fiction setting. Do you enjoy other genres as well? What is your favorite genre to mix with romance?

I love anything weird. I’ve written vampires, aliens, angels and werewolves. But I inevitably return to sci fi romance. Born and raised on Doctor Who, I’m a complete geek.

5. What feature makes you want to get it on with someone?

There’s nothing more attractive than a good sense of humour. Failing that, I have a thing for shoulders/arms. I have no idea why.

6. What feature turns on your main character the most?

Violet is drawn to Harry’s intelligence and the fact she utterly defies societal convention (like shortening her name to Harry, wearing men’s clothes and being an inventor).

7.Do you like to make a soundtrack for your stories?

Not always, but I do listen to music a lot. It has to be albums I know well, though, otherwise I’ll concentrate too much on the lyrics and not what I’m writing.

8. As an erotic author, how much do you enjoy writing sexy scenes?

I love them!

9. I’ve noticed on our forum that some writers do the sex scenes last after writing everything else in the book. Do you do the sex scenes first, last or as they come?

Come, heh. Ahem. Sometimes an idea strikes and I have to write it at that moment, or I’m not sure how what the fallout is going to be so I write that first. However, it’s usually as I go along.

10. If your story was turned into a movie, who would you like to see playing your two lovers?

Oh, Jaime Murray would play Violet, as she’s largely based on HG from Warehouse 13. I’m less sure about Harry. Possibly Jaime Ray Newman, though she’d have to dye her hair darker.

I love HG Wells in Warehouse 13! Thank you so much for joining us today, Dee! Readers, please ask Dee your own questions in the comment section!


3 thoughts on “Please Welcome Dee Tass!

  1. Great interview! Harry sounds like an interesting person- someone I would like to read more about! Best of luck on your WIP steampunk!


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