Blog Hop Interviews

Dear Readers,

I’m truly disappointed in my lack of blogging this week for the blog hop. I’ve been sicker than I have in a long, long time. I did manage to put together all of Shifting into Love in one spot for your reading pleasure. I also was interviewed by Ana J. Phoenix, writer of hot M/M erotic romance. The interview should appear on her blog on July 5th.

I will be interviewing Dee Tass on July 6, a writer of hot F/F erotic romance. Actually, I’ve already done the interview and found her to be a real kick ūüôā Please come check it out! And please post some comments for her interview¬†to welcome her and¬†so I can giveaway some goodies. If you want to wish me good health in the comments for this post, I will add your names to the drawing!

Happy 4th!



Week 1

June 23 –¬†Azalea Moone¬†interviews Anais Morgan

June 24 –¬†Anais Morgan¬†interviews Emily Veinglory

June 25 –¬†Emily Veinglory¬†interviews Scarlet Day

June 26 ¬†–¬†Scarlet Day¬†interviews Zoe X. Rider

June 27 РZoe X. Rider interviews Gail Bridges

June 28 –¬†Gail Bridges¬†interviews Crane Hana

June 29 –¬†Crane Hana¬†interviews Kate Lowell

Week 2

June 30 –¬†Kate Lowell¬†interviews Karenna Colcroft

July 01 –¬†Karenna Colcroft¬†interviews Kimber Vale

July 02 –¬†Kimber¬†Vale¬†interviews Ravon Silvius

July 03 –¬†Ravon Silvius¬†interviews Tara Quan

July 04 – Tara Quan interviews Ana J. Phoenix (HERE)

July 05 –¬†Ana J. Phoenix¬†interviews Evelyn Aster

July 06 –¬†Evelyn Aster¬†interviews Dee Tass

July 07 –¬†Dee Tass¬†interviews Azalea Moone

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