Single Nights: 5 Favorite New TV Shows

Tonight at Larissa’s Life, she’s doing your Top Five New TV Shows. I have fallen behind with TV due to getting my book Masked Hearts out, so I only have 4, and one of them I stole from Larissa.

My First pick is Garfunkle and Oats on IFC. Thay are smart funny women, and I’m so glad they landed a TV show:

My next pick is Selfie. It’s a new My Fair Lady. It’s cute, but I hope they aren’t growing the characters too fast.

My third pick is already over, but I hope they do another season: The Quest.

And then my last pick is A-Z. I tried it because it was on Larissa’s list. Wow! I have to watch it now! I’m glad “the mother” from How I met Your Mother has a new gig.

I hope you enjoy some of these. What are your favorite new shows?