What you missed…

Sorry I’m late posting today. I’m still exhausted. I’m gearing up to produce all the custom copies of Nails for a Billionaire and then uploading it on vendor sites. So I might be late posting for awhile.

In the scene that you missed, Conor asked Charisse to move in with him and her phone has been ringing on and off while they made love. You can read the missing scene here!


Charisse didn’t know what had happened to her when Conor asked her to move in with him. It was as if all her love for him had drowned out her ability to speak. She’d never experienced love so intense. She imagined it was because he’d asked her to move in before he even knew about the baby. She hadn’t really thought he’d do anything out of a sense of duty, but the desire to live together had meant more to her than she would’ve ever guessed. Continue reading