At Ma Charisse

I’ve mentioned on the blog that I am no fashionista, but I have loved following beauty blogs for inspiration for The Beautician and the Billionaire. I’ve even ventured out and bought new beauty products for myself.

Here are some of the beauty bloggers I’d have working at Ma Charisse:

Polished by Amy keeps you up to date on all the nail trends and rocks perfect make up too:


 Over at Style Domination Dominique is always chasing down the latest in fashion for you. I love the photos on her blog.


Inspector Gorgeous keeps you beautiful from the inside out. Not only does she have great hair and make up tips, but her recipes are amazing.


Come back tomorrow to see three more of my favorite beauty bloggers!

Remember, Episode 6 of the Beautician and the Billionaire will be out Thursday, February 25! If you need to catch up, my compliation of Episodes 1-4 is available at All Romance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. And Episode 5 will be free for a limited time starting Thursday!