Vampire Slayer Chapter 1 Part 2

Good morning! In case you missed it, I have a new novella out in a box set called Fangs, Fur and Fantasies. The box set contains 6 stories for only $0.99! Last week I posted the first half of chapter 1 for my story Vampire Slayer.  Here’s the second half:

Okay, before you think you’ve entered a historical/paranormal romance set in the 1990’s when video stores were a thing, let me explain. I live in Albuquerque, NM current day. I know, I know… desert is not the natural habitat for a satyr. Fuck, I don’t think it’s a natural habitat for anything outside of rattlesnakes, but it’s where I’ve made my home. Maybe it’s the mañana attitude, but I guess enough people haven’t gotten around to digital streaming yet, making a hard copy video store still a viable living in Albuquerque.

Video stores are the perfect front for catching vampires. If the place has a back room, like mine does, the vamp can lure customers there, suck ’em dry and be gone before anyone is the wiser. Or better yet, lure the owner there, suck him dry and the vamp has a whole new base of operation.

You see, my real job is vampire slayer. Yeah, yeah it’s also not normal for satyrs to hunt vamps. We’re easily distracted by beer, boobs and bands, but beneath our three in the afternoon hang-overs, we’re good guys who can be pushed to our limit like everyone else. The day I found my favorite copse of dryads sucked dry, I made it my job to hunt the bastards down.

“Crap,” I said out loud.

“What?” asked the couple together.

“Oh, sorry. The movie I was gonna recommend is already rented. You know what? Pick any movie in the next 2 minutes, and I’ll give it to you for free. For keeps I mean, not a free rental. Whatever you want. But I’ve got another customer.” I smiled as they gaped. Hopefully they’d pick something fast and head out of the store without even stopping to say thanks.

I couldn’t kill a vamp in front of mortals; it always made things messy. If I killed him while we were both still disguised, they’d call the cops, and I’d have to abandon the shop and all my ties to this persona, which is a pain in the ass. If I dropped my glamor spell and tried to draw out the true colors of the vamp, they’d check themselves into the local nut house. I can do some magic because of all the witches I’ve hooked up with in the past, but not erasing memories. Still, I couldn’t let a vamp go free either, and Kyra was out there all alone with him. I left the room with its saloon doors swinging like a couple from the seventies.

As I walked along a row of DVDs, I heard Kyra say, “He’s in the Love Shack at the back of the store.”

“Would you show me the way?”

Even from the back I could hear the silken tones of the charm spell carried by the vamp’s voice. I ran, though I knew the damage had already been done. I expected to see her draped all over him or at least taking his hand to lead him to the back. But when I rounded the corner, my jaw dropped in shock.

Kyra stood with her hands on her hips. Her voice sounded as put out as the first time I asked her to reshelf a movie back there. “You just go straight to the back. It’s in my contract that I don’t have to go in there, especially with a customer.”

It actually wasn’t in her contract at all. I knew she was a strong woman, but I had a whole new level of respect for her standing up to a vampire’s powers.

I skid to a halt next to her. The vamp was dressed in black leather from toe to neck, and he’d narrowed his eyes at Kyra.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

The vamp’s eyebrows rose, and I knew he smelled my fey scent. I was hoping it would distract him from Kyra. Our blood is like a power-up to his kind.

He smirked at me and turned his attention back to Kyra. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you worked here. You’re dressed to go clubbing.”

A charm spell grazed by me. Kyra had taken the brunt of it.

“That’s because she’s off tonight,” I said quickly. “Go on home, Kyra. It’s really slow.”

“I just came in to get a membership,” said the vamp. He was speaking to Kyra, but I caught a sideways glance at me as if he was wondering what I’d do.

Kyra seemed to be standing strong, but I really wanted her out of the store. “I can get you a membership.” I said.

Kyra turned towards the counter where the cash register was and said, “I got it, Jazz.”

Shit. Her voice sounded far away. He’d gotten to her.

This next part is not a moment I’m proud of, but what can I say? I’m a satyr. Her hips swayed as she stepped across the room in a hypnotic rhythm. When she arrived at the front desk, she leaned on the counter, pushing the tops of her breasts out of her dress. “Are you in the mood for anything in particular?” she asked.

I stared at her chest, even as the vamp crossed the room to her. I’d never seen her all dressed up before, and she never wore shirts that revealed her breasts. If she pushed them up just a little bit more, the pinks of her nipples would show. I pictured teasing them with my thumbs and then my tongue as she straddled my cock. I was completely lost in a fantasy until the vamp cleared his throat.

I glanced up just in time to see the gaze of his ice-cold eyes slide from me to Kyra.

He smiled at her and said, “No, just new in town and don’t have all my streaming channels hooked up. Thought I’d go old school.”

I hate it when vamps smile. All I see are fangs, and all women see is seduction. The way Kyra drew a long strand of hair behind her ear and lowered her eyes, I could tell she was ready to ride someone’s cock, and it wasn’t mine. I jogged over to join them at the counter, feeling like an idiot.

Thank the powers the promo DVD had ended. It gave me a chance to break up the budding lust going on in my store without making his head roll in front of Kyra. “Could you put in a new movie?” I asked. “I’ll get this guy signed up for a card.”

Kyra turned to me with a frozen smile that said, “Fuck off.” She talked to me through clenched teeth. “I know how to do a membership too.”

From behind me and to my right, I heard the Love Shack doors swing open. I glanced back, hoping to usher them out and on their way. I didn’t need anyone else charmed by the vamp.

Things were looking good when the boyfriend nodded and said, “Thanks again, man,” as he slid a movie inside his jacket.

“No problem,” I said, relieved they were heading out.

But as they walked past, the vamp’s hand shot out and grabbed the boyfriend’s shoulder.

Have a great Monday! I’ll see you tomorrow!

xoxoxx Evelyn

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