Slipstream Romance

Have you ever seen the movie LA Story?

It occurred to me today that it’s a slipstream romance movie. Unexplained events pull a couple through challenges and difficulties…even to what looks to be a definitive break-up. But magic and their passion for each other brings them back together.


The music for the movie is perfect–Enya. I have to wonder how much of an influence it was on me unconsciously for Shifting Into Love.

I find LA Story to be a very adult romance despite the often whimsical behavior of the characters. The couple is older than the normal romantic comedy couple: both actors were in their forties and there is no pretending they are younger. They also dare to have sex with other people before their romance has solidified. I love it for breaking away from the norms.

In the new edition of Shifting Into Love, the couple has sex with other people before their relationship has solidified. In fact, it’s fuzzy who should end up with whom. I hope the questions will pull you through the story like water running downstream.

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