Winners! Last Giveaway!

Congratulations to S. Young! She’s the winner of the $5 Amazon Gift Card! Congratulations to Kayla Dawn Stratton! She’s the winner of the $5 All Romance gift card! They will both be receiving a personalized edition of Nails for a Billionaire!

Our Tech Billionaire Winner:


And now for the ultimate and rarest of billionaires: The Prince Billionaire. It’s like getting a fairytale and contempoary romance book rolled into one πŸ™‚

Prince Billionaire 1
Prince Billionaire 2
Prince Billionaire 3
Prince Billionaire 4










Please vote in the comments below. I’ll draw two names out of a hat. Since it’s the last one, both winners will receive a $5 Amazon gift card and a personalized e-book of Nails For a Billionaire!

If you haven’t already, please give my billionaire romance a try: The Beautician and the Billionaire. The first Episode is free!

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  1. I’m voting for #1. He just has a princely look about him. Those piercing blue eyes look innocent, but devilish at the same time. This head been fun…rating your billionaires!

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