Winner! Vote for the Tech Billionaire!

Sorry, looks like I’m running two hours behind all day.

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Heir Billionaire! #1 is the winner!


Three and four were tied for second so maybe I will find room for them too.

Congratulations to Jessica Laws! She’s the winner of the $5 Amazon gift card today! She’ll also receive a personalized e-copy of Nails for a Billionaire when it comes out in May!

And congratulations to Terri! She’s also a winner of a personalized e-copy of Nails for a Billionaire.

Today’s billionaire is the Techie. These guys are casual. They make their billions connecting people through the internet. Maybe you’ll connect with your true Billionaire Techie ๐Ÿ™‚

Tech Billionaire 1
Tech Billionaire 2
Tech Billionaire 3
Tech Billionaire 4

Please Vote in the comments below! I’m adding a special prize today. The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 8: The Party is now available at All Romance!ย First place still gets a $5 gift card to Amazon, but tomorrow’s runner up will get a $5 gift card to All Romance! Both will receive a personalized copy of:


Giveaway closes tomorrow at 3:30 MDT. I’m clooking forward to the votes!

11 thoughts on “Winner! Vote for the Tech Billionaire!

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  2. I would go with #1 because he looks like a guy who is constantly ahead of his competition like you would except a Tech Billionaire to be.

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  3. #1 is doing it for me! He’s casual, yet not sloppy and looks ready to act at a moments notice. He’s taking advantage of technology, as he enjoys sitting outside on a bench while taking care of pressing business matters. He also looks confident!

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