The Beautician and the Billionaire 7: Scene 12c

I’m so excited about today’s post! It’s a BIG moment for Conor and Charisse! This afternoon I’ll be giving away another $5 Amazon gift card. Be sure to come by to vote for your favorite billionaire!

The scene after this one won’t be posted because they make sweet, sweet love. But you can buy it at Amazon! Tomorrow will be the final scene of Episode 7. Episode 8 is coming soon!


Conor called for his car to pull around and then called Raul to tell him he was taking Charisse to the cottage for the rest of the day. He wanted to stay hidden away with her all weekend, but Becca’s party was Saturday.

As soon as they slid in to the backseat of his car, Conor leaned in and kissed her. He’d been anticipating her plump lips against his since he’d woken up. The sensation was even better than he’d remembered. Unable to restrain himself, he pulled her onto his lap and made out with her until the car stopped and turned off. Even then he didn’t want to release her.

She was the one who pulled back and said with a laugh, “I think we’re here.”

His lips trailed down her neck to the top of her chest. She had far too many shirts on. He started to tug them up.

She pushed his hands down. “Conor! The driver’s going to open the door any second now.”

“No he’s not. Rule one when you drive for me is never open the car door if I have a gorgeous woman in the backseat.” He tried to tug up her shirts again, but she held his wrist down. And then suddenly she lifted her hand like she’d been burned.

“I’m sorry, I forgot,” she said. She spoke quietly with sadness in her words. “We can do what you want.”

The contract. He needed to end that. But not in the car. He kissed her tenderly and said, “Let’s go inside.” He leaned over and pulled the door handle. Instantly the driver on the other side opened it. As she got out, he checked for the box inside his pocket and followed. His palms broke into a sweat, suddenly nervous about what needed to be said.

It seemed like everything should be easy now after unburdening himself of the story of Elise, but Charisse’s sadness broke his heart.

The driver had parked at the back of his cottage from a road that wound around the outskirts of his property. Trees changing from green to yellow blocked the view of the cottage, but a short path led into the copse and around to the front of the house. He took her hand in his and instantly relaxed. She wasn’t running from him, even after hearing about the fight with Elise and the tragic accident. He just needed to end the contract.

Her voice still hushed, she said, “I wish you’d brought me here first. It’s so quiet and cozy. The mansion makes me feel insignificant.”

They’d reached the steps up to the porch, but he stopped and held her back. They’d go in with a clean slate.

He released her hand and caressed her cheek. “You are not insignificant, Charisse.”

She gazed back at him with wide eyes. He loved staring into their brown depths. It was like he was peering at her soul.

He continued, “I’m absolving the contract. The salon is yours. I should’ve never asked that to begin with, but I was desperate to get close to you. I’m sorry for being such a jerk to you. I thought the contract would be fun, but I ended up letting my jealousy over the captain and my hunger for power take over.”

He held his breath as he waited for her reaction.

She placed both hands on his cheeks, stood on her toes and kissed him. He had never experienced a sweeter moment. When she dropped back to her heels, she said, “Thank you. Let’s forget about all that now and move ahead. I won’t even ask where you disappeared to. I don’t want to know anymore. I just want to be with you.”

He pulled out the black velvet box from his pocket. She dropped her hands and caught her breath. He didn’t know why his hand shook; he wasn’t proposing. But the importance of the moment still had a grip on him. It was hard to believe she wouldn’t walk away.

Conor said, “I had this made for you from the miniature roses climbing up the walls of my house. When I was away from you, all I could do was hope we’d be together as long as these bloom.” He opened the box and smiled when she gasped and put her hands to her lips.

The clouds had parted just enough for the sun’s light to reflect off a dozen gold-dipped roses with a tiny diamond in each center strung together in a necklace.

She squealed, “I’ve never seen anything so lovely. Put it on me, please.” She pulled her hair up and appeared adorable with her eyes shining in anticipation.

He set the box on the top step, took the necklace out and gently wrapped it around her neck with his fingers grazing her skin. Goosebumps flared where he touched her. Distracted with his growing desire for her, he fumbled with the latch. Eventually he got the necklace hooked and drew back with his hands resting on her shoulders.

“Gorgeous,” he said, only looking in her eyes.

“Thank you.” The words came out in a husky breath.

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