Winners and Vote for The Property Billionaire!

Congratulations to Mary Preston! She’s the winner of the $5 Amazon gift card and a personalized e-book for Nails for a Billionaire!

Stacey is the runner up and also wins a personalized copy of Nails for a Billionaire!

Thanks to everyone who voted. Please come back and keep voting, even if you’ve already won. I really enjoy hearing everyone’s opinions. Since this is a picture book, it’s good to know what’s the most visually pleasing.

We had another tie. The top Entrepreneur Billionaires are:

Thanks again for all the comments!

Tonight we pick the Property Billionaire. These guys love to own stuff.

Property Billionaire 1
Property Billionaire 2
Property Billionaire 3











Property Billionaire 4

Cast your votes in the comments below. I love to hear what you like and don’t like. I’ll draw names out of a hat tomorrow night. The first winner gets a $5 Amazon gift card and a personalized e-copy of my upcoming book Nails for a Billionaire. The runner up gets a personalized e-book of Nails for a Billionaire.

Voting closes tomorrow at 9:30 pm MDT.

If you’re new to The Beautician and the Billionaire world, please try the first episode for free!

13 thoughts on “Winners and Vote for The Property Billionaire!

    • #3 is the model I often use in my posts for The Beautician and the Billionaire because of those eyes 🙂


  1. I looked a few times today and didn’t find the choices. So, I didn’t vote for entrepreneur, but am in agreement with the two that won! I guess I wasn’t looking in the right place, duh!!


  2. This one’s tougher. I would like to see some guys with tans and who obviously know how to work with their hands. They’re billionaires, but property billionaires – so doesn’t that mean that they sometimes help out on a site or at least toodle around in a workshop in their backyard?

    Hmm…I guess I will go with #3.

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