Serial Writing

I love to write.

And have sex.

They are top two on the list of things I most want to do.

While blogging is writing, I’ve found it rather against my nature. I’m a private person, and it’s hard to put a lot of ME into the blog. Also, most of my adventures are going on in my head. Sometimes when people ask me what’s happening, all I have is a big fictional mess that’s keeping me busy untangling plot lines. I certainly don’t want to tell them about a story when it’s in that state.

But I’ve really enjoyed connecting with new people here and don’t want to give it up entirely. So I’m shifting the point of this blog from a hodge podge of beauty and romance posts to a STORY in blog posts.


 (c) Can Stock Photo

(c) Can Stock Photo

I’m so excited to start posting it. I’ll be running it as a free story here, and compiling it to post in episodes like a TV series on Amazon and other venues. When I first thought of the idea, I decided to save the steamy stuff just for the compilations on Amazon. But I changed my mind. It’s all going up on the site–even the sex. So if you don’t want sex in your inbox, please unsubscribe.

If you do want sex in your inbox (sounds a little cramped and kinky 😉 ) then subscribe!

I have to give credit for this new adventure to Sean Platte, Johnny B. Truant and David W. Wright over at Sterling and Stone. They have this great book out called Write. Publish. Repeat. I’m taking it to heart. While I’m very good at sitting down and writing every day, I end up tossing droves and droves of words because they aren’t perfect. Sereializing this story will keep me producing publically. So thanks guys!

I’ll post the name and story synopsis tomorrow. So excited to share this adventure with you!


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