Absolute Erotic Blog Hop 2014


Posts will be heating up here for the next two weeks while I’m participating in the Absolute Erotic Blog Hop 2014. Please take time to click on the link and see the schedule of interviews of awesome erotic writers. Next week, Ana J. Phoenix (who provided the great graphic image for the hop) will be interviewing me followed by my interview of Dee Tass.

If you’re an erotic or romance writer, join us at Absolute Write Forum in the erotic or romance section!

If you’re a reader new to my work, please check out my erotic romance novella Through the Paintings where sex is what saves the hero from being enslaved eternally.


At the end of the hop, I’ll be giving away a $5 gift certificate to amazon.com and a $5 gift certificate to Starbucks. If you register to follow my blog or comment during the two weeks of the blog hop, I’ll put your name in the drawing. You get an entry for every post you comment on during these two weeks in a real-non-spam kind of way.

Tomorrow I will continue my quest to become a romance heroine with The first Date. You can catch up to the series by reading Becoming a Romance Heroine: Nails and Becoming a Romance Heroine: Shoes. I’ll also post a link to tomorrow’s Erotic Hop Interview.

Today’s Erotic Hop Interview is Anais Morgan over at Azalea Moon’s blog. Enjoy!

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